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William Dow

William Dow by midgefrazel
William Dow, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

William Dow 
photo by Brian Zoldak, used with permission
William DOW, husband of my paternal great aunt married her husband William DOW about 1908. Jessie was born in Westerly, RI but returned to Scotland to go "into domestic service".

Her parents and siblings returned as well and I think they may have had property owned there (or inherited) and decided to go back. I know where they lived but I don't know why they went back to Scotland.

Eventually (after being enumerated in the 1901 Scotland census), everyone returned to America. When Jessie returned to the US she went to her brother Alexander who lived in New York. She married William there.

Jessie and William lived in New York, Philadelphia and Georgia while raising three children. In 1940, she and William returned to Westerly to live on Bowling Lane near my family. By then, my grandmother Annie, Jessie sister, had died and grandfather Tom died soon after. Jessie's boys were grown up but their daughter Bertha (aka "cousin Freckles") was only 17. William worked in the dye business and was a Naturalized citizen. As you can see they belonged to Masonic organizations.

William and Jessie both completed 8th grade and Bertha was in high school in 1940. Jessie died, at 51, the October following the 1940 census but her husband lived until 1961. I have no memory of him being at any family gathering.

Over the years, family members have shared information with me about my Aiken family. The photos are great. 

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