Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Lower Mystic Cemetery [1849]

Lower Mystic Cemetery [1849] by midgefrazel

Fishtown Cemetery Fence and Sign

People may not know that the locals refer to this cemetery as Fishtown Cemetery. Most New England cemeteries have multiple names. There is one that is "official" and one that people were used to calling it before there was signage. Isn't this a nice fence and sign. 

The Groton Town Hall was kind enough to provide me with a listing of another cemetery (called Old Packer-Burrows) where many "direct line" ancestors are buried. I notice that a cemetery survey sheet was included and I just found the survey online

I would not be surprised if they got a lot of requests and so it is easier to just make a PDF of it and post it. Sure enough, there is this cemetery listed on page 40 and 41. But, it doesn't have the full listing of those buried here from the Hale Collection of Connecticut.

Using this information and the information on the next page, I discovered that it is the AREA known as Fishtown and the CEMETERY  known as Lower Mystic. I looked for information on the Lower Mystic Cemetery association and discover my contact for the Fish family died in November of 2012. I printed his online obituary for my files and I will now sadly delete his contact information from my list. 

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