Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tombstone Tuesday: Levi Rice

Levi Rice of Marlborough

Sometimes, the planets align correctly and I see an opportunity to explain something about gravestone photography that it hard to understand if you aren't standing beside me. 

On my way back from a trip to Target in Marlborough, MA, hubs and I decided to locate one of the smallest cemeteries in that city. I didn't have my camera or cemetery kit and I was wearing sandals. (Don't do that.)

We took a photo of the cemetery sign and I walked up the hill (it is called Robin HILL for a really good steep reason) to look down on the lower part of the cemetery. Just like the photo I saw on Find a Grave, there were three graves in a little group. "Easy-peasy", I thought.

Signaling to my husband that I was going to carefully walk down and look at them, I took out my iPhone just to take a photo so I would remember to go back with my camera. I have taken only a few photos with my cell phone and they were dark and not good enough for my liking.

I was amazed. They looked OK. Not perfect but readable. Of course, the late morning light was good. Until I looked at the epitaph  which I couldn't read. 

So, I contacted the person who took the photos at Find-a Grave and he graciously loaned me his photos for my presentation and blog. Thank you, Peter.

Lesson for today, is that time of day can matter a great deal for clearly reading gravestones. It says "Passed Through Life".

Some days, I feel as if I am just passing through myself, don't you?

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