Thursday, September 26, 2013

Zorobable Rice

 Zorobable Rice

Zorobable or Zerubbable or Zeruable was the 5th child, 3rd son born into his family. He lived his whole life in Marlborough. He married but did not have children. He lived a long life for his time and may have been suffering an illness, perhaps a stroke, when he died in 1775. He is buried in the Old Common Cemetery in Marlborough, Middlesex, MA

I call him Mr. Zero because genealogy should be fun.

I have not seen another gravestone with this same first name which is rooted in Hebrew as Zerubbabel.

Zoroable was born on New Year's Day in 1702 to Benjamin and Mary (Rice) Rice. 

His slate gravestone features the "undifferentiated" face of the time and is not his portrait although the features and hair style certainly give that impression, don't they? It has withstood the harsh New England weather amazingly well. 

I discovered that many gravestones from the Old Common and Springhill (in Marlborough) cemeteries are in the Farber Gravestone Collection which confirms the excellence of the workmanship of the carvers. 

Zoroable's gravestone details can be examined more closely here.

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