Saturday, October 19, 2013

Researching Adventure

Outside Library by midgefrazel
Outside Library, a photo by midgefrazel on Flickr.

This past Tuesday (15 Oct 2013), fellow geneablogger, Diane M. Boumenot, (One Rhode Island Family) who is a Parmenter descendant, like hubs, came to our house and we had a mini adventure going to the library in Sudbury, called the Goodnow Library. In their historical room, they have the only copy of the Parmenter genealogy that we can find. We spent a pleasant two hours working with it and the bound copies of the Sudbury and Framinham Vital Records. Since I can come to this interesting library at any time, I let her work on what pages she wanted and I focused on a silver book about Mayflower passenger George Soule since hubs and I are both Soule descendants.

It was then that I noticed the Goodnow book section and photographed it for a future visit. There was a bound copy of the Goodnow genealogy as well as the Goodnow family newsletters, amusingly called "Goodenow's Ghosts". [Goodnenow Family Association Web site] Since those are online, I didn't pull them down to look at. It pays to investigate everything you can that is online before going to a historical society or library.  Hubs took several photos of us, like the one above, so we can remember our adventure and share it with our readers and our Facebook community.

Before she arrived, I plotted a course "through the wilderness" so that she could see that we weren't going very far from the library since she had to get back through Providence, RI before the massive traffic. She is employed and took a vacation day to drive up and check out our area. Just by luck, I noticed that near the Wayside Inn, there was a Parmenter Road and we decided to drive there and check it out. Am I glad we did....

[adventure  posts to be continued...]

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Anonymous said...

Hi Midge, What a fabulous adventure! Glad you reminded people to do some checking online for Internet resources. Also good to check on when the genealogy room or library section is open for research as some libraries have the genealogy/local family history area off in a locked room and have limited open hours for that service.