Thursday, October 10, 2013

Stephen and John Rice

Brothers At Rest

With so many men with the same surname, I was not sure about which Benjamin Rice was the father of these two sons. I decided to take both gravestone photos and worry about it when I had researched the boys.

Stephen's gravestone is so beautiful and it is another Rice gravestone that is in the Farber gravestone collection. Because at 19, he died as an unmarried adult, his gravestone is larger than the little brother, John, who died two years prior. Poor Susanna.

She was Susanna WEEKS and she and her husband are buried in the Brigham Cemetery which I have not yet visited. I was surprised that they are not buried with their sons but she was 82 when she died and maybe no one remembered where her sons were buried. To be so close by and not buried with them seems cruel.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Midge, These gravestones are indeed beautifully carved. The slate stones seem to have less decay than those made of marble or of softer stone. In the West many graves have stones that hardly can be read.