Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Capt. Edward Hutchinson

Oldest Grave in Marlborough
Capt. Edward Hutchinson

Last year, I posted a mini story about this gravestone because I thought it was so interesting. Here is that post. There is a larger version of the photo there too.

Evidently, Spring Hill Cemetery is "dated" by this gravestone to 1675 where this gravestone indicates his burial. "Shot by Treacherous Indians" is a pretty grim message to put on this slate gravestone so I went in search of more information about this man. This is the first link that I found last year, when I took this photo. 

As you can see by the above clip that was in Franklin P. Rice's 1908 inscriptions of Marlborough Cemeteries that this gravestone was once a "thick and short" one of that period. 

Probably fearing that it would be stolen, it looks like the town dug it up and embedded it in this rock. The part below the real carving was once underground and the DAR chapter, who probably paid for the embedding in the rock, put their name and the date that it was placed there.

Many graveyards have recorded burials like this but no marker can be found that matches the name, so this is a fairly rare find.

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