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Little Ada Evans (corrected)

1870 Census Mystery Solved!
(continued from this blog post and this blog post)
and a correction

Charles Turner Evans, Civil War Veteran and Printer/Publisher of the Hoosac Valley News lived  in a rooming house in Adams, MA lived with Hulda Jowett's family, James Angell in 1870 after his wife, Ann Janet (Jannette) died in 1868 of consumption leaving him with a little girl, Ada Ann, my great grandmother, to raise. But, why isn't she living with him? For a very long time, I had no answer to this question.

As you can see, Ada is living with her maternal grandmother, Miriam Chesebro,  recent widow (1866) of Albert W. Chesebro/Chesebrough. I don't know much about Miriam/Merriam except that her maiden name was Bracy or Bracie. The Aylsworth and Chesebrough compiled genealogies agree on that. This census record confirms that she was born in New York. Miriam died in 1886.

But, what a gold mine this census is! Miriam's children, who live at home, all work in the "family business" of printing. 

Albert Chesebro's mother Polly SMITH lived to be 99! She was born in 1794 and died in 1893. (Now, I can try to find her in the 1880 census!)

Knowing that many marriages took place in Vermont bridged the gap between New York and upper Massachusetts records. Now, I have more research to do.

Ada was obviously named for her Alysworth ancestor, Ada Ann Ayleworth (1812-1860). 

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