Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sally and Caleb Turner

Photo by Hulda Jowett, 2011, used with permission
Caleb and Sally

Hulda Jowett's ancestor, Sally Aylsworth, who was sister to my Ada Ann Aylsworth, is buried in the same part of Maple St. Cemetery as her parents Warner and Susanna Aylsworth. As a rule, that is not an unusual finding but in this case, it may explain everything.

Quaker folks do not always have gravestones. It is part of the "plain" religion to not make a big fuss about death and remembrance. But, Sally, brought up as a Quaker, married Caleb Battey Turner, a Baptist.  Hulda says she looked through family papers and he was a Quaker.

Hulda has concluded that Caleb insisted on placing gravestones for his wife's parents in the plot. Thank you Caleb. But, it must have been hard on Warner to have his daughter marry an outsider.

What does intrigue me is that Caleb 's middle name was Battey! Could it be that the Battey family was the first Quaker family to leave the Smithfield Meeting and move to Adams? Battey is listed on the Smithfield Meeting Web page as a surname. If this is correct, then perhaps this was the influence that prompted the Aylsworth family to become Quakers. This will take additional research some other time.

"Among names familiar to this earlier generation of Friends may be mentioned those of Aldrich, Ballou, Battey, Bushee, Cranston, Ewen, Fisher, France, Marble, Morse, Mowry, Osborne, Paine, Read, Robinson, Steere, Thayer, Todd, Varney and many others. Names of a still later generation may be found upon the records of our work today."

Caleb and Sally had seven children.

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