Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sentimental Sunday: Little Dutch Girl

Little Dutch girl from Germany,
 belonged to my mother, Dorothy F. Stewart Broadfoot
This cute little figurine belonged to my mother. At one time, it was in her dollhouse, which one of her grandfathers, both who were carpenters, made for her. One day, it disappeared from my room at my grandparents home in Cranston and because it belonged to my mother, she made the decision to donate it to a children's ward. I only know this because I asked her, before she passed away, why it wasn't saved for me to pass on?

She replied that she didn't have room to store it in our small house in "The Plat" but she did save some of the furniture in the dollhouse. I put those in my daughter's dollhouse and she recently sold them. The only things I didn't give to my daughter, I carefully packed away. Today, those items live in my mother's "perfume" shelf. I think they would make excellent Sentimental Sunday posts.

I don't think she's valuable. She has a stamp on her that says Germany.

When I married hubs, his father told me they were of Dutch descent. It wasn't for several years that I decided to investigate his surname. It was German! (Frazel, Frauzel, Frossel)

To his dying day, my father-in-law insisted that Germany was not right. What can you do about false family tales! Oh, well.


Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Such a sweet little Dutch girl!

Carmen Johnson said...

I have a few items like that - same type of style. I know that I have a container meant to hold utensils...It has made in occupied Japan on the bottom. I know that my grandmother must have bought these after her house burned down in 1948.