Thursday, August 14, 2014

Placement of Stones Part 1

Placement of Family Headstones (Part 1)

Grandfather Phares David Frazel and his wives, 2014, Maplewood Cemetery

Because of the blog post of last Thursday, I decided to make mini-collages for the headstones around the Frazel monument which is at Maplewood Cemetery in Middlesex, Marlborough, MA.

From the stone wall to the street:
Mamie/Phares/Linda/empty space/Frances

These headstones are NOT this close together and they are NOT at the front of the plot. All the headstones lie to the left or the right of the monument, probably because they would not fit (with casket burials) at the front or the back. Mamie (Mary Mae) Ulhman, first wife of Phares David Frazel does have information carved on the side of the stone facing these headstones. 

She died leaving her husband with a small child, Raymond Winslow Frazel for him to care for. Poor Mamie was pregnant when she died. I am not sure that her family knew even though it is on her death certificate. It gives a double sadness to her headstone.

Mamie's son Raymond was my father-in-law's half brother. He married and had two sons. Those sons married and have all daughters. Those ladies are my Facebook friends. Sadly, only one knew her grandmother. Together we are working on getting information to the family.

After Mamie died, I assume that the little boy lived with his grandparents, Joseph and Naomi. Their graves are in the other row and you will see them soon. They are inscribed with Mother and Father.

Linda was my husband's grandmother. Her family is also buried in the cemetery but a little distance away.

Phares and Linda had a baby girl who was stillborn before my father-in-law was born. They named her Frances. She is buried on the same side of the monument as her parents.

Stillborn Baby, Frances Merrow Frazel,
Maplewood Cemetery, Marlborough, MA

Placement of these stones in this family plot is important because anyone passing by will not be able to tell who they are since there are no dates to go by. 

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