Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sweet Cemetery Statues

Reading Statues, 2014 

Several years ago, I took this photo (on the left) of a little "fairy or woodland nymph" guarding a child's grave. Most of the time, little statues like this are only to be found in gardens. Hubs has been everywhere trying to buy one like this for our garden. Imagine my surprise, when I found the photo on the right on a Facebook friends wall. Janice Branch Tracy of Mississippi, kindly went outside to pick her up to see if there was any brand name on it. Sadly, there wasn't. But, she allowed me to use this in my blog.

Contemporary graves  of children are often ornamented with toys, stuffed animals and items to help people mourn the loss of a tiny person. Mourning a child is the worst kind of grief. 

If anyone knows where I can buy a little statue like this, I'd love to know.

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Midge, I don't have time to look thru the products, but try