Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: First White Woman Born in New England

Photo by Michael L. of Rhode Island, used with his permission

I have been admiring the Facebook page called Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries. It is affiliated with the Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Commission which I have been writing about in this blog. I spied this shot of the side of the Pabodie monument.  I decided to ask permission to use this monument as part of my summer Rhode Island cemetery reporting because she is my husband's ancestor. (We are both Alden descendants!)

It turns out that Michael, who hosts the Facebook page is the son of one of my (now deceased) college professors. Isn't that amazing? Only in Rhode Island could this happen!

This is in Little Compton, Rhode Island in the Old Commons Burial Ground. Elisabeth also has an original lovely gravestone embedded in this monument. It was mounted in the monument in June 1882. Here is her husband's gravestone. (Love the grinning "teeth?)

This looks like a lovely cemetery and to my knowledge I have never been in Little Compton, ever! This is another RI town that was once part of Massachusetts.

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John D. Tew said...

Midge: I had never been to Little Compton until 2005 when I took a trip after a business thrip to Providence -- specifically to see this cemetery (where I have ancestors buried) and to do some research in the local library. Little Compton and the surrounding area is a beautiful spot and I highly recommend you arrange a trip there when you can.