Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thankful Thursday: By Way of my Blog

Getting to Know Me
"by way of my blog"

Photo of me with hubs, taken 19 August, 2014 in my native hometown of Cranston, RI

Photo by Diane MacLean Boumenot of One Rhode Island Family

New Englanders are often said to be reserved and wary of strangers. As Dr. John Philip Coletta once said when he spoke at a NERGC conference, people in the East make conversation by saying, "So, who are your people?" 

The audience went ballistic because he said something we could really relate to no matter where our people live or where they came from, we as genealogists and family historians are always wondering about the people we meet and who were their ancestors? We care.

After all, what we are most thankful for is having family and good health today, in the past and in the future.

Recently, I went to a casual event of people who blog about their genealogy. Heather Rojo's blog post shows the group photo taken and lists of our blogs. I don't think we look wary or reserved, do you?

We had several discussions and one was about which blog posts are important to us and which blog posts are important to others. I contributed the fact that if you read my blog in a blog reader like Feedly, you may never see the tabs at the top with links to important information, so I think I will put them in the spotlight this pre-holiday season.

Let's begin with "About my Blog"

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