Monday, October 06, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: The Scottish Great Aunts Part 1

Photo by Glenn Russell, 2014, Find a Grave Volunteer
The Scottish Great Aunts
Part 1
When my husband's family celebrated holidays, his mother's sisters and brother often invited the Great Aunts to come for the celebration. My mother-in-law inherited the big manila folder from her sister (marked: DO NOT THROW away) with the papers from the great aunts shown here on this gravestone. The other side, according to the paper work says CRAIG, with ivy carving. I have the funeral expenses, the location of the gravestone and the dimensions of the stone. 

This stone cost $250 dollars and was created by the Lawson Granite Company. The dates and names match the document. It was paid for by Margaret but my husband's aunt Janet filled in the final dates and took care of the final arrangements. I seldom see such meticulous paperwork. I admire that.

In the envelope was also naturalization papers. It was a genealogists jackpot!

The Great Aunts: Maggie and Jennie, family photo collection of Stephen H. Frazel, undated

This post covers just this stone but the stories tell so much more. But, for now, it is great to see this stone in Fall River's Oak Grove Cemetery. His family is spread out over this huge city cemetery and my knees and back thank Glenn for not having to struggle and find it.

They lived a long life and worked hard. What more could we ask of our immigrant ancestors? 

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