Thursday, October 16, 2014

Working with the Hale Cemetery Records

Hale Cemetery Records for Ledyard, at

The Hale Cemetery collection is a great set of transcriptions to have in your toolkit for working with Connecticut cemeteries. As it is someone else's interpretation of what information is on the stones, it is not to be taken literally. Check each transcription against 

But it will help me decipher what is on the most worn or damaged of the gravestones. The list, as you can see here for the town of Ledyard, CTis typewritten and is dated 1932. 

So, any gravestone placed hereafter that date will not appear in the list. I have a few gravestones photographed that are very small and are very worn out. I am comparing the list of names on these pages with what I can see on my own photographs. Many of those are infants.

I can tell you that the list is not in the same order and is not alphabetical either. The list starts on page 35 and ends on page 39.

I am going along with my printout and placing a small colored dot next to the name on the printout indicating that I have a photograph that matches it. (dots). I can only sit for about a half hour doing this before I get bored. 

The Hale pages also tell me who is a veteran and gives a map of the graveyards. I will report on the veterans on November 11. 

I won't post these gravestones in any order. It won't matter to readers. This way I can do more research on some than others and keep track of what I have done.

I hope you enjoy these posts!

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