Thursday, November 20, 2014

Project Based Gallup Cemetery Collaboration 2

Photo by Midge Frazel (2014)
Project Based Gallup Cemetery Collaboration
(Part 2)

I like my workspace to be neat and to have things at my fingertips. I have my own home office, but I often work in my living room or in my kitchen. 

For this project, I purchased a light flexible brightly colored three ring notebook and in it I have placed some printouts of the Hale Cemetery Index and some printouts of records about the Gallup family that I may need to refer to. The next thing I have done, is to think about how I wished I'd organized my cemetery research in the first place. Since I am not allowed to go back in time to 2006, I decided that there is no time like the present to develop a plan for this big project. 

The goal is to have a 5x8 card for each gravestone. So, I purchased both white and colored index cards. The colored ones I got at Office Max. The white ones are cheaper and can be bought at Walmart. I like the lines but the backs of all cards are un-lined.

The card file boxes come in a set of four, snap firmly shut and are available at for $11.99. They are lightweight. I bought tape flags, a pencil case and some heavy duty elastics. All of it fits in the yellow plastic handled basket. For now, I just need two card file boxes to work with so I put two boxes away for another project.

I am still developing what needs to be on each card but I wanted the option of adding more information as needed on a second card. I will be adding a date of the blog post and noting if this person is in my family tree. Realizing that the spouse or parents of each person may not be buried in the same cemetery, I will need a place to add that. Any ideas you have are appreciated.

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