Monday, November 03, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Meant to Be

 Successful Cemetery Adventures

Sometimes, the mood for a cemetery adventure can be set the moment you find the cemetery. That certainly was the case for our first time here finding this cemetery. 

We didn't know it is easier to find this place by going though "Old Mystic". We went all the way around on the highway into Groton. We stopped at a gas station and then proceeded slowly (with a few stops to look at possible entrances) until a woman came out of her house and told us where it was located. We had not gone far enough and we almost missed it because the gate was open and the "lawn guys" were parked there cutting the grass.

I remember looking at the locked gate and thinking that it might be my only chance to get inside. I took these two photos on our way out. It was May and it was quite hot in the direct sunlight.

The men who were working, took a break from mowing so I could take what I still consider to be the most significant gravestones in this place. My husband took my photo with my Revolutionary Ancestor's gravestone and it was so good, I had it framed. I took it to a DAR workshop and almost caused a riot. Most of them had not been looking for gravestones in their lines. 

I was so impressed with the guys who were mowing. One told us they would take a 20 minute break and that "someone should photograph here" because the deer in the area have leapt over the wall (in the back) and broken gravestones in the past. I thanked them and we got out within the 20 minutes. I know now that the Gallup Association pays for the grass mowing.  

The gate being open was significant for me. I am sure it was a sign that this was meant to be. I was on my way to being a "real" genealogist after so many years! (This took place in 2004)

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