Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sentimental Sunday: Wedding Photos 1951

Wedding Photo of William Broadfoot and Hannah Champlin, 30 June, 1951, family photo collection (Original photo held by Barbara Trowbridge, used with permission)
Hannah and Bill's Wedding Day

This photo shows my father's younger and only brother, William Beveridge Broadfoot (1919-1990) and his bride, Hannah Tucker Champlin (1917-2014). If you look closely, you can see they are holding hands. 

Attended by my father, Thomas Harcomb Broadfoot (1917-1998) as best man and Hannah sister, Alberta Champlin (now) Aligere, they were married on 30 June, 1951 in Preston, New London, CT.

This is the side yard of my father's sister's home in Bradford, RI This is where my Uncle Bill was living before he married Hannah. My grandparents lived here until they died.

Hannah was a wonderful addition to my family, always ready to lend a hand or give a hug, she was smart, made beautiful lace (for a living) and crocheted so many wonderful things.  She was active in her church and community. I always looked forward to seeing her. She was as interested in family history as I was. What she never knew is that she and I were distant cousins on my mother's line!

Hannah was 97 when she passed away last week. Now that she is gone, my cousins and I are now the oldest generation in my direct line. I am thrilled to have this simple snapshot of this loving couple forever looking happy and young. We will miss you Hannah. 

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