Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 11: Granite Hewer: John Broadfoot: Journeyman

Granite Hewer
John Broadfoot's Story
Day 11

John's Occupation
Photo taken my Kendra May Haney, 2012, used with permission

On all the vital records (his marriage, his death) and the census records and vital records of his children's births, John is listed as a stone cutter, granite hewer, granite hewer journeyman or monumental mason. One birth record says sculptor but I don't think he did statues. 

Built From Stone, a book on the granite industry in Westerly Rhode Island, gives a great two page spread (pages 150-151) on the occupations of granite workers. It defines "Stone cutter" as a high skill craftsman job (journeyman) who cuts the stone to the final size/shape and finishes the surface as required. This does match the photo that I have and have posted of John Broadfoot finishing a stone.

In 1901, he and his second wife and their children live at 12 Albert St. in Dalbeattie. This is significant because this is where this entrance to Dalbeattie Cemetery was photographed. Recently, I asked Caroline of Dalbeattie Matters if there was a street name near these gates and once she told me Albert St. then it was easy to use Goggle "Street View" to find out where the photo was taken.

The houses had changed so there doesn't seem to be another 12 Albert St. but at least I can see that he "walked to work". The shed in the photo of him with the gravestone may be on the grounds of the cemetery. We will never know.

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