Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 13: Granite Hewer: John Broadfoot

Granite Hewer
John Broadfoot's Story
Day 13

John's Second Marriage

John Broadfoot and his second wife, Helen Tait

Say what you will about step-mothers but I am very grateful for this woman to be married into my family. When Jane Hannah died in 1895, John must have started looking for a new wife right way because he married Helen fourteen months later on 12 June 1896. They married in Edinburgh. He was 43 and she was only 34 but at that time, she was a spinster in the true meaning of the word, as she had not been married before.

It states that he lived at 24 Alpine St. in Dalbeattie at the time of their marriage. Her brother, James Tait, commercial traveler and Thomas Randall Dale, Die cutter, presumably John's friend witnessed the wedding. (I can't be sure that the word "dale" doesn't describe die cutter but the comma is after Dale, not Randall).

Her brother, James Tait is essential to her story. When my grandfather left home at 17, he traveled and lived with that family before taking a job in Edinburgh to have enough money to come to America. James Tait had many children and I have found one to correspond with. The magic of the Internet continues.

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