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Day 5: Asleep in Jesus: Jane Hannah

Asleep in Jesus
Jane Hannah's Story
Day 5

Moving to Dalbeattie

Sometime between the 1871 census and her marriage in 1876, Jane Hannah moved with her widowed father, Robert, and her youngest brother, James to Dalbeattie. 

The enumerator of the 1881 census did not write clearly and he crossed out and wrote over. He stuck three names in the space for two at the bottom. It is only through the available index that I can see that two names are Robert Hannah and James Hannah who live with them on High St. in Dalbeattie. The other man is a visitor. He is a joiner and possibly a friend of James since he was born in Caervalerock.

1881 census cropped, example for teaching purposes, 2015

At this point in time, Robert Hannah is "retired" as indicated by the term formerly in front of his occupation and son James is a granite hewer. It is possible that it is because of James choosing a profession, they moved to Dalbeattie. James may have apprenticed with John Broadfoot and that's how John and Jane met. We will never know.

Jane Hannah and John Broadfoot marry in the Evangelical Union Church in Dalbeattie on 29 December 1876. Her sister, Jannett Hannah is a witness.  They were married by a minister named Robert Robertson. John's occupation is listed as a Mason Journeyman. 

This photo, originally owned by my cousins in California, burned in a house fire. Fortunately, the family had copies made before the fire or I would not know what Jane and John looked like. She looks like a strong woman.

Family history sometimes has strange coincidences. My parents chose to be married on 29 December without knowing that my father's grandparents were married on that date. She is wearing drop earrings and had a pocket watch on her vest. 

The church they chose to be married in no longer exists. It was called the Evangelical Union Church.

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