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Day 7: Asleep in Jesus: Jane Hannah

Asleep in Jesus
Jane Hannah's Story
Day 7

Living on John Street in 1891

Typed date from Family Letter to Midge Frazel, 1971

Jane Hannah and John Broadfoot move to John St. by the time their daughter Esther Wakeman Broadfoot is born on 20 May 1886. The exact date of their move isn't known.

Younger Daughters
Esther Wakeman Broadfoot is the only child of Jane and John to have never left Scotland. She married Francis or Frank Ferguson in 1912 and had a child named Olrig Douglas.  She died in November of 1928, just a few years after her father, John died. She is listed on the gravestone at Dalbeattie Cemetery. Her marriage to Mr. Ferguson may have been "rushed" as her son was born in December when the couple just married the July previously. The descendants of John Broadfoot and Jane Hannah are wondering about Esther's marriage. and life.

Margaret Harcomb Broadfoot (known as "Great Auntie Peg") was born at John St. Dalbeattie in 1888. Margaret and Esther were close in age so it wasn't a surprise to see her name as witness to her sister's wedding. 

In the 1891 census, all of Jane's children live with her and John. It is the last record of this family together. The children range from 14 to 2 years old.  

After gliding down John St. with Google Maps, I can look in the window and imagine Jane with little Esther and Margaret, watching for those in school to come home.

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