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Day 9: Asleep in Jesus: Jane Hannah

Asleep in Jesus
Jane Hannah's Story
Day 9

Broadfoot Gravestone in Dalbeattie Cemetery, collection of the Broadfoot family
original photo held by Midge Frazel given to her by Margaret Broadfoot Toon

Carving the Family Gravestone

As you can see, Jane Hannah, wife of John Broadfoot, who fell asleep in Jesus2nd April 1895 in the 44th year of her age, is carved at the very top of this stone. [1 Corinthians 15:20] 

When given this photograph, I noticed how different it was from the ones in the plot where Jane's son,  my grandfather, Thomas and his family are buried in America. I asked my father if his father, Jane's son, made the gravestones for himself and my grandmother. He did not. They had unmarked graves until my father and his siblings hired someone to make them. I'm glad they did.

In Scotland, women's maiden names are often carved on the stone. People who died elsewhere are often added even though they are not buried here. The ones I have examined, when readable, are a great addition to their family history. 

I can't be completely sure, but Jane Hannah's husband, John carved this stone. Did he carve his wife and infant son's names and dates on at the same time.  I can't be sure.He was skilled enough to do the ribbon carving at the top.

But, at least what is carved here is perfectly accurate and matches all of the records I have found. I am pleased to see confirming evidence.

Rest well, Jane Hannah, wife of John Broadfoot. We will remember you and your story.

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