Saturday, April 04, 2015

Hanging on to Mom's Spoons

Hanging on to Mom's Spoons

Last December, I bought this no-bake dessert and some Peppermint Pigsty Dust to make a fun pepperminty dessert for the holidays. My next door neighbor wanted to know where I bought it so I "shared the wealth" as my Dad was fond of saying, and gave her a box. When I went shopping again, I bought another box and a graham cracker pie crust. This time I blended in some cool whip because hubs loves it.

Our Easter was a complicated holiday, food wise. I don't like baked ham and neither does hubs. (That's why we are made for each other.) When he came along, my mother miraculously stopped making ham and bought chicken instead. Even my grandmother was surprised. Our traditional dessert was called Snow Pudding and is light and delicious if you didn't pour the the heavy custard sauce on it. But, that is a story for another day. (It is a funny one!)

When my daughter and I divided up my mother's kitchen "stuff", I took these aluminum spoons (think 1950s) because they are easy to wash and have the little tab that hangs them on the mixing bowl. I remember my mother letting me play with them when I was little. It is a little "hanging on" to my mother even to today. Her last holiday with us was Easter, 2002.

Hang on to your family traditions. Even if they are modified there will be a little something left over from another generation to grasp. By the way, No New England woman throws away any serving spoons. 


Barbara Lawson said...

My New England grandmother had those same spoons and my mother received a pair as a wedding gift--we still have them. Loved seeing your post!

Midge Frazel said...

Thanks for your comment. I so like these because of the tab and because they can also be hung up.