Thursday, April 09, 2015

Life Beyond the Genealogy Do-Over

Scot Genealogy Do-Over "Broadfoot Line" Records, 2015
Life Beyond the Genealogy Do-Over

Being part of Cycle 1 ("The Pioneer Group") meant that I needed to be uber organized at all times. But, then I got the flu and shingles and had to stop so I did not get as much done as I had hoped. 

However, I did manage to fill up and organize several smaller "working" notebooks with printed records. I was glad that I did that because I could break down the families into weekly manageable stacks. It kept me from being overwhelmed. This week, I combined all of those vital records and census sheets into this massive binder. 

This way, I can take a single person's records out to my porch this summer and work on them. I have a lightweight flexible, working notebook ready. I am going to make a "biographical" card for each person so I can easily find the information and the citation to add to my family tree data.

Remember, this is just part of my Scots family (my paternal grandfather) and I have my paternal grandmother to work on next. Hubs maternal grandfather came from Scotland too and eventually, I will use the same method to "shape up" those files.

When I get a card done, I will show you can blog about it. 

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