Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Little Nathan GALLUP

Row #3, Grave #308-10-041, GPS 41.41674 N - 71.97188 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey) Gallup, Nathan, son of Nathan & Lucy, died Jan. 28, 1788, age 7
(Note the Hale has his age at death as 7 and the stone has it as his 8th year)
Photograph by Brian Zoldak, 2014

Nathan Gallup, 3rd
Next to the gravestone of Eunice Gallup who died in 1789 is this gravestone of Nathan, son of Nathan Gallup, Jn. and his wife Lucy (Packer) Gallup. Little 7 year old Nathan is the only child attributed to Nathan Gallup, Jr. and his wife Lucy. 

He was born in 1779 and died 30th January 1788. His parents married 4 January 1778 and the father, Nathan Gallup, Jr. died in 1778 in September so this child was born after his father had passed away. 

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