Sunday, November 08, 2015

Sentimental Sunday: The Stress of War

Dad's Worn out Silver Dollars, scanned with my Flip-Pal Scanner
Sentimental Sunday: The Stress of War

For many of us, there is one area or aspect of genealogy that we don't enjoy working on. In my case, it is military genealogy research. 

I have to work harder on it because I am finally beginning to get help with my father's military records. It is a great joy that came together because I joined a Facebook group and pulled myself together enough to ask questions and try not to look too stupid.

It took under five minutes to get help. I am not kidding. 

I have found the grandson of my dad's second in command during wartime. He is a military historian. I was beyond surprised to find him. He's been looking for me but since I am not using my maiden name, I was hard to find.

He not only had oral interviews with his grandfather that he has shared with me but he had photos of my Dad taken overseas that I had never seen. I can't wait to learn more and share it.

The people in the group pointed me to the "Morning Reports" and helped me identify a mystery photo (that I would never have figured out alone). They told me exactly what his medals stand for. It is a lot to digest.

When my dad died, I opened his bureau drawer and took out these silver dollars which he "worried" with his fingers in his pants pocket while in command. After learning more about what it was like for my hero father in France, Germany and Belgium, I have a better understanding of the stress of War. 

This winter, I will finally be able to pull this together. Wish me luck!


Alaskini said...

What a story! Congratulations, and I hope it comes together for you!

BJ Hollenbeck

Alaskini said...

Congratulations On your find. How exciting! I hope it all comes together for you!