Thursday, January 28, 2016

Polly RANDALL, relict of Josiah GALLUP

Photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permission
Row #4, Grave #308-10-056, GPS 41.41691 N - 71.97194 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey)
Gallup, Mary, relict of Josiah, died Nov. 30, 1847, age 81

Mary RANDALL, was called Polly. She was the second wife of Josiah GALLUP and is buried by his side. His first wife, Sarah FISH is buried on his other side.

The Gallup (2009) Genealogy lists Polly on page 181 as having married Josiah on 11 Nov 1792 in Stonington, CT. They were married bt Rev. Hezekiah WOODRUFF. Josiah died in 1826 and so this gravestone correctly identifies her as his relict.

Josiah had no children with his first wife but he had five children with Polly. The Barbour Index recorded this marriage and that information agrees with Richard Anson Wheeler's History of Stonington on page 549. She is listed there as Polly and is the first born child of Thomas RANDALL (#45) and Molly CHESEBROUGH (Wheeler p. 297)

This is the first gravestone in Row 4.

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