Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday: Eunice Cobb

Eunice Cobb
(Henry4, Henry3, Henry2, Richard1)

Born in Barnstable, Massachusetts on 18 Sept 1693 to Henry Cobb and Lois Hallett his wife, Eunice was my 7th great grandmother. She was the mother of ten children including a set of twins. She was a descendant of John Howland and his wife Elizabeth Tilley. Her line is one of my proved Mayflower ancestors.

Married 11 Jan 1716 in Stonington, CT by Rev. James NOYES. Eunice and Benadam had a big family of children which is why so many people are descended from this line.

Benadam, Esther, Eunice (twin), Lois (twin), Capt. William, Henry, Col. Nathan, Ebenezer, Hannah, Thomas Prentice and Sarah. I am descended from Benadam, the first born child. Gallup genealogy (2009) p. 47-48. Most of this list of children married and had big families.

Eunice died on 1 Feb 1759

 Her gravestone reads: In Memory of/ Eunice the Wife/ of Lieut. Benadam/ Gallup who died/ Febr 1, AD 1759/ in ye 63 Year/ of her Age."

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