Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Evans Stewart, grandfather and business leader

Evans Stewart 1886-1955
beloved grandfather
founder of Victor Cleansing Co. in Providence

Obituary and death notice from 1955, glued into my family Bible
probably the Providence Journal, Providence, RI
The death notice at the bottom of the obituary gives the date of the funeral and burial of my maternal grandfather. I was too young to attend but I remember that my father's sister, Ann Broadfoot Crompton stayed with me until everyone returned from the funeral and the burial. It was a very long day.  My aunt and I sat on the couch on the sun porch at my grandparents home at 205 Wentworth Ave. When the hospital called to say my grandfather had died, my mother and grandmother took the train to Boston and my father stayed behind to confirm the arrangements. My mother told me that that was the only time she saw my grandmother cry. 

From these two newspaper accounts, I gained the name of the funeral home and the date of burial. They misspelled my grandfather's first name which was Evans, not Evan. This is the first obituary in which I am mentioned as grandaughter. My mother's brother died previously in 1951 and I am not mentioned as survivor.

All of the rest of this, I knew except that he was the former director of the National Institute of Dry Cleaners. I might be able to find out which year.
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