Friday, April 06, 2018

Anne Crompton, godmother and aunt

Annie Broadfoot Crompton
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Not only did I not have an obituary for my godmother and aunt, I didn't even know she died because my mother had passed away and my doctor advised that I take a vacation to relieve my anxiety. My cousin tried to call me but she only had my home phone number and I didn't even know she had called because she called me from her cell phone. If she hadn't called me back a week later, I might have tried to call the nursing home listed and found out from a stranger.

I have searched all the newspaper sites but as I knew she died in Warwick, the obit would have been placed in the Providence Journal. I was so surprised that GenealogyBank had this partial listing because I thought I had no hope of finding it.

When my father, Annie's brother died in 1998, we seated her in the front row with us. My mother and Annie sat side-by-side and it suddenly came to me that the only one of the four children of my paternal grandparents left alive was Annie and she was the oldest. I was appreciative of my now deceased cousin who put her had on my shoulder from the row behind us to let me know to turn around and see that she and the rest of my father's family was there. It was a comfort.

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