Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hundred Years

Photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014
Gallup Family Association was 100 years old in 2002

This looks like a good time to take a break and research more Gallup Gravestones and take some time off too!

Granite in My Blood will be on vacation until Tombstone Tuesday,  29 September 2015.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Little Mason GALLUP

Row #2, Grave #308-10-034, GPS 41.41673 N - 71.97182 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey) Gallup, Mason, son of Mason & Huldah,
 died Apr. 16, 1830, age 4

Little Mason GALLUP was the son of Nehemiah Mason GALLUP II and his wife Huldah WHEELER. His father was often known as Mason.

His small gravestone reads: DIED/April 16, 1830/MASON/son of Mason &/ Huldah Gallup/aged 4 years. Notice that it was cracked and repaired. 

The Gallup genealogy (#2617 p. 326) states that little Mason was born 4 March 1826 and died 16 April 1830. He was the 8th child out of 12 born to this couple.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Row #2, Grave #308-10-033, GPS 41.41670 N - 71.97183 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey)
Gallup Deziah (Desire), wife of Henry, died Apr. 16, 1866, age 91

Desire (Deziah or Desirah) STANTON, was the wife of Henry GALLUP, Jr. Her gravestone matches her husband in style and lettering and it just as hard to read clearly.

She lived to be over 90! The public Stanton genealogy is located here.

Deziah/wife of Henry Gallup/who died/ Apr. 16, 1866./ aged 91 years.

Desire was the daughter of Joseph STANTON and Hannah CHESEBRO and was the 5th child of eleven children. Desire (Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, John, Thomas) p. 167 Stanton genealogy (her father is #188)

She was born 10 Jun 1776 (as Desirah) Vol 2 p. 47) and married Henry GALLUP, Jr. (as Desire) 17 Nov 1793 by Christopher Avery, Elder [Vol 2 p. 47.] They had a daughter Ann, who married a HEWITT. In the 1860 federal census she is living in a HEWITT household. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Henry GALLUP, Jr.

Row #2, Grave #308-10-032, GPS 41.41676 N - 71.97184 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey)
Gallup, Henry, died Nov. 22, 1831, age 77
Henry GALLUP, Jr's gravestone does not indicate that he was a Junior, does it? The Italic script and the composition of the stone are a bad combination.

It reads: In/Memory of/ Henry Gallup,/who died/Nov. 22. 1831/Aged 77 years.

The Gallup (2009) Genealogy states that Henry, Jr. was born 17 Oct 1758 and died 22 Nov 1831, so he would be 73 when he died but it certainly does look like 77 to me.

"In 1779, he was a private at Fort Griswold under Capt. John Williams, Co. Nathan Gallup's regiment. " [p. 186]

Henry married Desire Stanton on 17 Nov 1793 by Christopher Avery. They had 3 children.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Miss Hannah GALLUP

Row #2, Grave #308-10-031, GPS 41.41678 N - 71.97183 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey)
 Gallup, Miss Hannah, died Oct. 14, 1824, age 61
This is the gravestone of the unmarried daughter of Henry and Hannah (Mason) GALLUP. She was born on 29 Dec 1764 in Groton, CT and died at the age of 61 on 14 Oct 1824. The current Gallup (2009) genealogy doesn't tell us where she died, just that she is buried in this graveyard. The Connecticut death index for Ledyard lists her as living in Ledyard when she died.

All we have is the 1800 census which lists several Gallup men on right after another. Henry Gallup, Jr. is listed as a separate family from his father.

She does have a birth record in Groton Vol. 2, page 10 (Barbour Index)

Miss Hannah GALLUP was 43 when her mother died and 46 when her father died. It is probable that she lived alone or went to live with a sibling or one of her siblings (and their family) continued to live in the family homestead and Hannah lived there until 1824 when she died. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Hannah MASON

Row #2, Grave #308-10-030, GPS 41.41679 N - 71.97183 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey)
Gallup, Hannah, wife of Henry, died Jan. 24, 1803, age 77
(Note: The Hale has the date of death as 1803, but the stone looks like it says 1808)

photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permission
It is impossible to tell what this gravestone actually read when the cemetery was surveyed for the Hale Collection in the 1930s.

The first two lines are: "In memory of/ Mrs Hannah Gallup.../" 
The current Gallup (2009) genealogy states (on page 96) that she was born in Mason's Island, in Mystic, New London, CT on 10 June 1726 and died 24 Jan 1808. (Brian Zoldak was correct.) This probably means that this gravestone was in partially unreadable condition during the Hale Collection survey.

As you saw from my blog post of her husband, Hannah MASON was a direct descendant of Capt. John Mason. Her parents were Nehemiah MASON and Zerviah STANTON (Joseph, John, John) [Stanton genealogy p. 146). She was the mother of 6 children.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015


Row #2, Grave #308-10-029, GPS 41.41682 N - 71.97184 W
 (Transcript from Hale Survey)
Gallup, Henry, died Nov. 11, 1811, age 86

photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permission

Sadly, both the gravestones of  Henry GALLUP and his wife, Hannah MASON are made of sandstone (also known as brownstone) and are close to being completely unreadable. The weeping willow motif is gone and lichen are eroding the bottom of the stone.

Henry's reads: "In memory of/ Mr. Henry Gallup/who died/ Novr 11th 1811, /aged 86 years/" In the present Gallup (2009) genealogy, Henry and his family are listed on page 96 #339. He is listed with his parents on p. 47. Henry and Hannah were married by Rev. Ebenezer Rossiter.

However, the oldest Gallup (1893) gives us this expanded version of the family on page 46.

Mason's Island is off the coast of Mystic, CT

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Elizabeth BROWN

Row #2, Grave #308-10-028, GPS 41.41680 N - 71.97185 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey)
Gallup, Elizabeth, wife of Nehemiah, died Feb. 1, 1803, age 44
photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permission
The Gallup (2009) Genealogy states that Elizabeth, the wife of Nehemiah Gallup was the daughter of  Elisha BROWN and his wife Mary C. LEEDS and married Nehemiah Gallup I on 28 January 1783/1784 in Groton, CT. She was born "in 1759" in Ledyard, CT. After having 8 children, Elizabeth died 1 Feb, 1803 as it is inscribed on her gravestone  at the young age of 44. Her youngest child, Capt. Ebenezer GALLUP, who was born in 1800 was only 3 years old.

We are lucky that the Gallup genealogy gives us her parents names as it is hard to research anyone in a BROWN family. Her marriage record does not give her parents names.

Her fifth child, Elisha, must have been named for her own father. According to one researcher, he is buried in Jordan Cemetery in Waterford, New London, CT but Find a Grave doesn't have a listing for him. That researcher posted a photo of the gravestone and the information matches what the Gallup (2009) genealogy states on page 185. It is a double gravestone and lists the wife's name (Content WHEELER) and their death dates. There are a lot of members of a Brown family buried there.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Nehemiah GALLUP, Sr.

Row #2, Grave #308-10-027, GPS 41.41684 N - 71.97189 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey)
 Gallup, Nehemiah, died Dec. 27, 1843, age 92
 (Note: The Hale has her age at death as 92 and the stone has 93)
photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permission
Nehemiah (Mason) GALLUP, was the son of Henry GALLUP and was born 19 Jun 1751 in Ledyard. As you can see by the clarity of this photograph, Nehemiah was of advanced age when he died on 27 Dec 1843. Nehemiah was the oldest child in his family and is referred to as Nehemiah Gallup, I. 

Nehemiah Gallup II was his oldest son and is buried here. His younger son Luke Gallup  is here too.

Nehemiah's wife, Elizabeth BROWN died on 1 Feb 1803, when their youngest child, Ebenezer was only three years old. (Henry GALLUP and his wife Hannah MASON were still alive when Elizabeth died.)

The Gallup (2009) genealogy doesn't mention that he married again but he did. He married Mary/Mercy ELLIOT, who was the widow of Capt. Peter BROWN. Her gravestone, shown below, is next to her first husband, at Whitehall Cemetery clearly states her name as GALLUP and that she was the widow of Nehemiah GALLUP. They were married for sixteen years and died only a year apart.
Photo by Frederick Burdick, used with permission
I am still looking for more evidence of Capt. Peter BROWN and this wife Mercy ELIOTT.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tombstone Tuesday: Anna SMITH

Row #2, Grave #308-10-026, GPS 41.41690 N - 71.97188 W (
Transcript from Hale Survey)
 Williams, Anna, relict of Seth and formerly relict of Isaac Gallup,
died Dec. 21, 1848, age 83 yrs. 13 da.
photo by Brian Zoldak, used with permission
The term RELICT is used to indicate widow (or widower) and I seldom see it twice on one gravestone. But, as I am researching this family, I realized that I have seen this "double widow" on another gravestone of a Gallup family member in a different cemetery.

Anna SMITH, daughter of Nehemiah SMITH and Abigail AVERY outlived both of her husbands and is buried next to her first husband, Isaac GALLUP, Esq. with the same style gravestone of urn and weeping willow as his. 

Anna's first husband was Isaac GALLUP, Esq. They had ten children.

After Isaac passed away in 1814, Anna married again, in 1825, to Seth WILLIAMS (1761-1843), which is why this gravestone lists her as Anna WILLIAMS. Because he is not a Gallup, he is only mentioned as Anna's second husband.

Remember this cemetery I am researching is for Gallup family members, their spouses and descendants. 

For Seth's information, I had to turn, once again, to the History of Stonington to research him. There were two Williams families in the Stonington area. Seth (#39, page 684) was of the William Williams family, but Seth's first wife was Abigail Williams (#457, p. 680) of the Robert Williams family. Abigail died in 1819. 

The 1800 census for Groton, CT lists Seth Williams and on the next line his father William Williams.

Abigail's parents were cousins and both named Williams!