Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ann Borodell Denison, dies at 97 in 1712

" Lady Ann", photograph of a photograph by Midge Frazel

Ann Borodell, 2nd wife of Capt. George Denison
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Born in Cork, Ireland to English Parents, Ann nursed Capt. George Denison when he was wounded in the Cromwell War. His first wife, Bridget Thompson died and left him a widower with two little girls. Ann and George married in Ireland and when they left for America, Ann was heavily pregnant with their first child, John who was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts on 14 July 1646. It is said that this was ten days after they arrived in America. It is a recorded birth. There were six more children born to Ann and George. 

Ann was my 8th great grandmother and her petite and perfectly readable gravestone is a stone's throw from the graves of my maternal grandparents. No one ever showed me this stone and it wasn't until I began to do gravestone work that I appreciated how special this original stone is and how beloved Ann was over the many years since she died.

Of course, she doesn't have an obituary but The Dension Society gave me an article about the miniature hand drawn portrait written by historian and descendant Grace Denison Wheeler. (The portrait is now in a safe place and no, I did not see it.)  But, it has been dated to a later period than previously thought and so is not evidence of her actual face. 

More about Ann in future posts...

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Unknown said...

Ann was a 1oth great-grandmother of mine. I wish that I could have met her. Thanks for the information, although, I'm disappointed to learn that her portrait is probably not an accurate representation of her true appearance.