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Jessie Taylor Aiken Dow: My grandmother's sister

Jessie Taylor Aiken Dow
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Prickly Summer: Grandmother's Sister
Jessie Taylor Aiken's Obituary, located by Rosalie for me.
When my fellow researcher, Rosalie located this obituary, I knew that I had a lot more to learn about my grandmother's family if I wanted to learn more about my paternal great grandparents. 

Jessie was named for Jessie Taylor 1809-1879, wife of Alexander Aiken and Alexander Esson of Newhills, Aberdeen Scotland. 

She died in Westerly, Rhode Island and is buried in River Bend Cemetery in the Dow plot. Growing up, I knew nothing about her except that somehow she was related to me through a woman that my dad called Freckles. Freckles turned out to be Bertha M. Dow, Jessie's youngest daughter who died, unmarried, and is buried without a headstone in the Dow plot at River Bend Cemetery in Westerly.

From Jessie's parent's death records, I can see that Jessie moved to Georgia to take care of her parents, who had retired there and then moved back to Westerly when they died. She lived at 71 Bowling Lane in Bradford. She was only 52 when she died.

From this obituary, I can confirm some married names of females and add to my family tree the  organizations that Jessie was a member of. 

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