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Welcome to Granite-in-My-Blood by Midge Frazel
Pilgrim Path, Elm Grove Cemetery, Mystic, CT
This blog will serve as a shared resource for those who are interested in gravestone photography, genealogy and family history. 

This blog's first post was June 6, 2006.

Most of the photographs will be of my ancestors or of cemeteries I am photographing, transcribing and researching.

[Charter member of The Association of Graveyard  Rabbits.]

As a professional genealogist, educator, author and technology consultant, I enjoy taking photographs of gravestones and cemeteries where my ancestors are resting for eternity. Most of the cemeteries where these photos were taken are in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island but I also take photos of cemeteries or receive photos from family members who are in other areas of the United States and in "the old Country." 

These photos are posted with their permission and are credited if they wish.

I am a native New Englander whose maternal ancestors came mostly from England. Two came from France in the early to mid 1700s. My paternal ancestors came mostly from Scotland. My husband's maternal ancestors came from Scotland to New England and his paternal ancestors are a mix of people from England, Nova Scotia, Canada and Germany.

I have been researching my family since I was about 8 years old when my maternal grandmother showed me photos of my late grandfather's grandparents, Eliza Fish Denison and Dudley Wheeler Stewart. I was very surprised to learn that grandparents also had grandparents! That was when my genealogy interest was born, sitting with her looking at all the names in my grandfather's family Bible. [a photo of she and I taken about that time]

When I was a little older, she told me all about her family.  

My other (paternal) grandparents, who died before I was born, were Scottish immigrants and I began to research them while I was in my late teens. Since then, I have been getting help from other family members who are spread all across the United States and even are descendants still living in Scotland.

A few years ago I have developed a course called Cemetery Research 101: Dig Up your Family History. I taught this class from October 2010 until late 2013 when it became a self-directed course.

For more information please read, the other pages here. I hope you enjoy my blog and please contact me about any of the posts you read about here. 


Photograph on the top of this page taken in Elm Grove Cemetery in Mystic, New London, CT 
Photograph of the author with Schofield monument was taken at River Bend Cemetery in Westerly, Washington, RI. by the author's boneyard buddy husband, Steve. 

updated 20 October 2014
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