Monday, May 23, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday: Anna S. BILLINGS

Photo by Brian Zoldak and Midge Frazel, 2009, 2014
Row #4, Grave #308-10-073, GPS 41.41682 N - 71.97202 W
(Photo taken 01 Aug 2009) (Transcript from Hale Survey)
Gallup, Anna S. Billings, wife of Christopher M. born Sept. 1, 1814, died Aug. 31, 1874

Anna Stanton Billings

Anna was born 1 Sept 1814, a daughter of Stephen BILLINGS and his wife Martha ALLYN. She married Christopher Milton GALLUP at the age of 18 and kept house for him until he died on 31 Aug 1874. She lived only a few months after his death. 

The earliest Gallup (1893) genealogy states that she died at the home of her son, Nathan and his family in St. Paul, MN and then was buried here in the Gallup Cemetery. Her gravestone matches her husbands and probably was made and erected at the same time. This was common when husband and wife died in the same year.

She has a probate record with a full inventory of their belongings which in addition to furniture and household goods, included a Family Bible, and a stereoscope. Of course, farming equipment and livestock are in the list.

The oldest son, Christopher Milton GALLUP, known as the "second" inherited. The inventory and its worth was considerable.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday: Christopher M. GALLUP

Photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permission
Row #4, Grave #308-10-072, GPS 41.41682 N - 71.97202 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey)
 Gallup, Christopher M., born Nov. 1809, died Feb. 19, 1874,
Christopher M. GALLUP

Christopher Milton7 (Christopher6, Nathan5, Benadam4, Benadam3, John2, John1) Gallup was born on 23 November 1809 to Christopher and his wife Martha STANTON. He married Anna Stanton BILLINGS, daughter of Stephen BILLINGS and his wife Martha ALLYN, on 5 Jun 1833 by Elder John G. Wightman in Groton, CT. He died on 19 Feb 1874 in Ledyard, CT and was buried in this Gallup Cemetery. 

Probably at one time both he and his wife's gravestone were erected in the ground and later removed and put together in the base you can see here.

Their first children were a set of twins and then, they had three more children. 

Notice that his name differs from his father in that he has the middle name of Milton. This matters because his son and grandson were named after him and not the original Christopher GALLUP.

The Gallup genealogy states that he was born on Gallup Hill which means that he is buried near to the same location where he is buried.

The 1870 census states that he is a farmer and lives with his wife and his son and daughter in law, two of his unmarried sons and a grandchild. He was 60 years old at that time. The family was easily located in the 1850 and 1860 census records.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Broken and Facedown

Photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permission.

It is so sad when this happens to gravestones. Fortunately, I had photographed this husband and wife combo stone and so had Brian and we both had to look at those older photos so I could blog about them. 
How these stones looked in August of 2009
Row #4, Grave #308-10-072, GPS 41.41682 N - 71.97202 W (Photo taken 01 Aug 2009) (Transcript from Hale Survey) Gallup, Christopher M., born Nov. 1809, died Feb. 19, 1874, Gallup, Anna S. Billings, wife of Christopher M. born Sept. 1, 1814, died Aug. 31, 1874

This is a good place to stop and look over what I have left in this cemetery to blog about. Granite-in-MY-Blood will return on May 17, 2016. I will start with Christopher M. Gallup and his wife Anna BILLINGS shown here.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday: Simeon GALLUP

Photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014
Row #4, Grave #308-10-071, GPS 41.41683 N - 71.97196 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey)
 Gallup, Simeon, died Apr. 13, 1836, age 54
(Note: The Hale shows his age at death as 54, but the stone shows it as being in his 55th year
Special Edition: Simeon GALLUP

Simeon GALLUP is buried next to his brother James GALLUP and his wife Sally STODDARD.  Simeon was the youngest child of seven in his family and died unmarried. 

Simeon was the son of Deacon Benadam GALLUP and his wife Bridget PALMER. His brother James left him a share of land and so I went looking for a will and probate record for Simeon to learn more about him. 

His will begins with the statement that Simeon GALLUP was in a state of feeble health (at 55) but sound mind. His signature is strong and readable.

The will says that Simeon GALLUP left the marsh land on Six Penney Island to his nephew Simeon FISH, son of Bridget GALLUP and Sands FISH of Mystic. (Sands, Bridget and Simeon Fish are buried in the Old Fish Burying Ground. That was the first graveyard I photographed and researched in this blog!

In the current Gallup genealogy (2009), Simeon is listed with his family on page 177 as #1309. He was born 29 Sept 1781 and died on 13 Apr 1836. All of his brothers and sisters were married. 

His estate and inventory was sizable at fifteen thousand dollars and included shares in ships and schooners.  

He left money to the Third Baptist Church in Groton, CT whose minister, Rev. Erastus Denison (1791-1864) (Denison Genealogy #1232 p. 43) is mentioned. 

Simeon GALLUP's nieces and nephews are mentioned including my ancestors, Lavina Fish and her husband Isaac Denison, Jr. in this paragraph:

Inflation Calculator: 

What cost $15000.00 in 1836 would cost $326449.69 in 2015.
This really connects my Gallup, Fish and Denison ancestors together.  It helps explain why my 2nd great grandmother Eliza Fish DENISON was living with Simeon FISH's family in 1850 before her marriage in 1856 to Dudley Wheeler STEWART. I inherited a table from that household. It was in my bedroom since I was a teenager.  (photo of table)

What an exciting find for my genealogy records!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday: James GALLUP and Sally Stoddard

Photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permission
Row #4, Grave #308-10-070,
 GPS 41.41683 N - 71.97196 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey) Gallup, James, born 1771, died 1834,
 Gallup Sally, Stoddard, wife of James, born 1786, died 1860
James Gallup (Benadam6, Benadam5, Benadam4, Benadam3, John2, John1) was a son of Deac. Benadam Gallp and his wife Bridget Palmer who were my 5th great grandparents. James is buried next to his mother. 

This gravestone is so plain and the information so little that I was suspicious that James and his wife Sally had no children. The next grave to James is his brother Simeon who died unmarried in 1836.

James (#1305 p. 177, 310) was born on 27 May 1771 and was married to Sally STODDARD in 1786. He died 11 May 1834. His wife also has little information but she was born on 15 Nov 1796 in Litchfield, CT and died (from the mortality schedule) of dropsy on 12 Apr 1860. After some searching, I found the Barbour index for Litchfield and discovered her birth date and her parents names and marriage date listed as Vol 2 page 87. They were Gideon STODDARD and his wife Anna KILBORN. I would like more evidence than just that, however.

 What is interesting is that James left a three page will with a great inventory which is quite readable.  This couple owned a lot of belongings. He left to his brother, Simeon Gallup, his best hat and land that was a salt marsh on Six Penny Island, an island off the coast of  Groton and Mystic, CT and left to his nephew Albert Haley (son of his sister Lucy GALLUP and her husband Steven HALEY) his writing desk. This will dated 21st Jan 1834, may indicate that he had an illness except that his signature is clear and not shaky.

He left to his wife, among the household items, a brown Mare and riding harness. It is one of the better wills and probate I have seen.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Widow GALLUP, Bridget Palmer

Photo by Midge Frazel, 2007
Bridget PALMER

No matter how I photograph or manipulate and enhance this gravestone photo, it is very hard to read because of the italic script and the area around the broken and repaired crack, but it is clear that this is the wife of Deacon Benadam GALLUP.  

Her first name stands out clearly and my own research tells me that this is the Bridget Palmer who was in the lineal descent of John ALDEN and Priscilla MULLINS. It is a period stone for the year of death as it has a weeping willow motif. It is now eroded further with black lichen. 

Because her husband's name on his gravestone is easily read and because of her position next to him in this row, Bridget is his wife. I think it reads: "In memory of/ Bridget/ wife of Col. Benadam Gallup/ who died/ August 22, 1823/ aged 80". The Gallup (2009) genealogy says she died 29 Aug 1823 on page 177.  Several "newspaper transcriptions" list her as the consort (widow) of Benadam Gallup with unclear year of death but age 80. 

Bridget and Benadam had seven children after being married 30 Jan 1766 in Stonington. Bridget was born 5 April 1743 in Stonington, the daughter of Thomas PALMER (1703-1776) and Priscilla CHESESEBROUGH (1704-1776). 

Their daughter Bridget is my ancestor. She married Deacon Sands FISH and is buried in the Old Fish Burying Ground. Gallup (2009) Genealogy p. 310.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday: Deacon Benadam GALLUP

Photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permission
Row #4, Grave #308-10-068, GPS 41.41682 N - 71.97196 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey)
Gallup, Dr. Benadam, died Apr. 12, 1818, age 77
 (Note The Hale lists his title as Dr. when it should be Deacon)
Deacon Benadam GALLUP

Deacon Benadam GALLUP (1741-1818) is listed in the Gallup Genealogy as Col. and in the Hale Transcription as Doctor. This man is also identified as Benadam Gallup IV. He named his first born child, a son, Benadam Gallup V. (Too many men with the same name!) You can see why the Hale Transcription crew thought it was Doctor, as it is written as Deac and then, the superscript n. Most other gravestones I have seen use the Deac. abbreviation.

This Benadam is my 5th great grandfather. His father and his grandfather rest in this row with him. 

His daughter is my ancestor, so ending the line of Benadam men in my family. He is listed in the 1800 census for Groton, New London, County as Benadam Gallup, Jr.

Deacon Benadam and his wife Bridget PALMER were married by Rev. Nathaniel ELLS on 30 Jan 1766 in Stonington and were the parents of seven children.

As I am a Palmer descendant already, I used the relationship calculator to see how Bridget PALMER (my 5th great grandmother), and Barbary PALMER (wife of Nathan STEWART) are related to each other. They are third cousins.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday: Eunice Cobb

Eunice Cobb
(Henry4, Henry3, Henry2, Richard1)

Born in Barnstable, Massachusetts on 18 Sept 1693 to Henry Cobb and Lois Hallett his wife, Eunice was my 7th great grandmother. She was the mother of ten children including a set of twins. She was a descendant of John Howland and his wife Elizabeth Tilley. Her line is one of my proved Mayflower ancestors.

Married 11 Jan 1716 in Stonington, CT by Rev. James NOYES. Eunice and Benadam had a big family of children which is why so many people are descended from this line.

Benadam, Esther, Eunice (twin), Lois (twin), Capt. William, Henry, Col. Nathan, Ebenezer, Hannah, Thomas Prentice and Sarah. I am descended from Benadam, the first born child. Gallup genealogy (2009) p. 47-48. Most of this list of children married and had big families.

Eunice died on 1 Feb 1759

 Her gravestone reads: In Memory of/ Eunice the Wife/ of Lieut. Benadam/ Gallup who died/ Febr 1, AD 1759/ in ye 63 Year/ of her Age."

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday: Lt. Benadam GALLUP

Photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014, used with permission
Row #4, Grave #308-10-066, GPS 41.41602 N - 71.97199 W
 (Transcript from Hale Survey)
Gallup, Lt. Benadam, died July 30, 1755, age 62,
(Note: The Hale shows his age at death as 62, but the stone has his age at death as in his 63rd year)
Lieut. Benadam GALLUP, II
(Benadam3, John2, John1)

Lieut. Benadam Gallup's father is the man buried at Whitehall Cemetery, in Mystic, CT. From that find of his gravestone, I began to look for the next generation and found them in a list of burials in Ledyard. That list was incomplete and erroneously listed as a cemetery in Ledyard Center, so we drove all around looking for this cemetery until a lady came out of her house and directed us to it a bit further away. I have since learned to go through "Old Mystic" and found it to be a  much quicker route.  I doubt if I need to go there again since Brian did a great job of recording this private burying ground.

Benadam Gallup, (Benadam, John, John) is buried with his wife in between his son and his grandson. He was my 7th great grandfather and was born on 18 April 1693 in Stonington (Mystic) which is why his father and mother (and other Gallups) are buried there. He died on 30 Sept 1755 in Groton, CT.

You can see that this gravestone, broken and lichen covered begins with the classic phrase, "In Memory of".  The original land for John Gallup is now called the Coogan Farm and is where the 2015 Gallup Family Reunion was held.

An older version of the Gallup genealogy (1987) tells us (page 12) that this Benadam Gallup built a log cabin on the land that was given to him from Connecticut and it was called "The Old Close". it was the first Gallup home in Groton (now Ledyard) built by the Gallup family. "In 1730, a commodious house was built." It tells us that Lieut. Gallup was commissioned Lieut of the 2nd Co.  Colonial colony.  

His gravestone reads: In Memory of/ Lieut. Benadam/ Gallup who died/ Septr ye 30th 1755/ in ye 63rd year /of his age.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday: Hannah AVERY

Photo by Brian Zoldak, 2014Row #4, Grave #308-10-065, GPS 41.41688 N - 71.97194 W
(Transcript from Hale Survey) Gallup,
Hannah, wife of Col. Benadam, died July 28, 1799, age 80
(Note: The Hale shows her age at death as being 80, But the stone has her having died in her 81st year) Maiden name is Avery daughter of Christopher & Prudence

Hannah AVERY
Death is uncertain/yet most sure/
Sin is the wound/Christ is the cure

Hannah was the daughter of Christopher AVERY (1678-1753) and his wife Prudence PAYSON (1680-1735) and wife to Col. Benadam Gallup, III. She was the mother of a dozen children including the four who died of typhoid fever.

She was born 1 Feb 1718 and died on 28 July 1799 leaving her husband a widower but not for long since he died in 1800.