Gravestone Tips

Tips about Gravestone Photography and Research by Midge Frazel

Midge Frazel's Cemetery Kit
  • developed with the idea from Sharon Carmack's book

 Reading Gravestone Inscriptions
  • This page from the Connecticut Gravestone Network explains the use of the mirror to help read gravestone and lists some commonly seen words used on the stones.
Grave Transformations
  • Lisa Louise Cooke shows us how to improve the readability of our gravestone photographs in this video presentation at YouTube.
  • Web page (with links) lists types of gravestones and burial places
Beth Santore's Cemetery Symbolism
  • Beth is an AGS trustee and has a great Web site and photos of selected cemeteries she has visited.
Association for Gravestone Studies:
 Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning and Resetting Gravestones 
How to Safely Clean a Gravestone and here plus a video

How to Safely Reset a Gravestone (in PDF from AGS) 

Basic Cemetery Links

Gravestone Photography and Rubbings

How to Survey a Cemetery
What is a "term grave"?

Tips for Taking Cemetery Photographs

by Kim Powell

eHow: How to Photograph Gravestones

Ruby Coleman's Blog (Genealogy Lines) Post:
Finding Graveyards and Tombstones

Providence Journal: Suggestions for Writing an Obituary 

The Legal Genealogist Speaks! Legal GenealogistFind a Grave Revisited

Long List of Rules for the Long S

Learning Cemetery Research by Ancestry Ann (Genealogy Roadtrip!)

Four Ways to Research in a Cemetery

Links from Thrice Rice and Comfortable Silence Presentations

Association for Gravestone Studies (see frequently asked questions)
Association of Graveyard Rabbits
The Farber Gravestone Collection
Google Maps
Billion Graves (needs smartphone)
Ruby's List of Helpful Ways to find Graveyards and Tombstones
Marlborough Historical Society Resource Page
            which includes these:
History of the Town of Marlborough by (PDF)
Marlborough Cemetery Book (PDF)

updated 14 April 2015
Midge Frazel,