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Cap't Elam6 BURROWS b. 6 Sept. 1773 in Groton; son of John5 (John4, John3, John2, Robert1) Burrows and Hannah Wilbur of Groton. He died, 8 Jan 1840.

In/Memory of/Elam BURROWS/who died/Jan. 8, 1840/ Aged 66 years

"Captain Burrows was a sailor in early life, devoting most of his life to farming in the Groton area"

Elam married 15 Oct 1797, Sarah DENISON. The couple had 6 children.
John, Eunice, Isaac Denison, Hannah, Phebe, Sarah "Sally"

Robert Burrows and his Descendants 1630-1974 by E. Earl Burrows, 1975 p. 65-66
Wheeler's History of Stonington, #37, p. 280

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