Saturday, February 09, 2008

Quash Williams

Quash Williams
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Quash WILLIAMS and his wife Hannah are buried in the Whitehall Burying Ground in Mystic, CT.

This photo is from the collection of Fred Burdick who has been photographing, researching and in some cases, restoring ancient graveyards in the Stonington, CT area. Fred is the town historian for Stonington.

This is a memorial stone place here long after the death of Quash and his wife. Previously, these was a marble marker placed at this grave.

Many ancestral families are buried in this cemetery and the Williams family is just one of them. When I first saw this grave, I was so surprised and stunned by it that I forgot to take a photo!

The Day, the local newspaper in this area of CT, ran a story about Quash this past week that tells me much about this freed slave that was born into the household of my ancestors. [It is gone from their site now but I printed it for my own use.]


CemeterySpot said...

Hi Midge: You have a very interesting blog. I really like the photos of old grave stones. They tell so much about the person, the closeness or the family and the financial ability and cultural tastes. With the rise in cremations we may lose some of the history and grandeur that grave stones provide. The virtual world is quickly picking up the slack and offering opportunities to memorialize individuals and hopefully retain the uniqueness that these grave stones provide.

Midge Frazel said...

Many of the gravetones here are those in my own family history. A few are those who are buried with my ancestors. I thank you for your visit and hope you have a blog for me to visit in the near future.

Marian said...

Yes great stuff! Keep it coming!