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Rev. Nathan AVERY

Rev. Nathan AVERY
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The Rev, Mr. Nathan AVERY is resting in the Great Plain Cemetery (#57) in North Stonington, New London, CT alongside his wife Hannah STODDARD.

I took this photograph in May 2004 while searching for the graves of Nathan and Barbary Steward. Although, I am an AVERY descendant, I was not sure if Nathan was one of my direct line ancestors but I was impressed with this amazing clearly preserved gravestone. I took this photograph prior to the time I learned to use a mirror to reflect light for clearer readings, so the sun shining at the right angle on this minister clearly comes from heavenly light.

Nathan was born 10 Mar 1712 in Groton, son of Christopher AVERY and his first wife Abigail PARK/PARKE. [Source: Barbour Index, Groton Vital Records: Avery, Nathan [s. Christopher & Abigail], b. March 10, 1712 Vol. 1, Page 127] and he married Hannah STODDARD on 27 Mar. 1746. [Source; Barbour Index, Groton Vital Records; Avery, Nathan, m. Hannah Stoddard, Mar. 27, 1746 Vol. 1 p. 127]

Nathan6 AVERY (Christopher5, James4, James3, Christopher2, Christopher1)

Wheeler's History of Stonington says that Rev. Nathan's house was on the lot where my 2nd great grandmother, Eliza Fish Denison Stewart, (Mrs. Dudley Stewart) was living at the time he was writing his book which was about 1900.

Wheeler's listing for Rev. Nathan (p. 203, 206-207) says he came from Groton to Stonington and purchases the farm and built the house (mentioned above). This part of Stonington is now North Stonington.

He "became a member of the Separatist or strict Congregational Church" and was ordained the pastor and remained so until his death. He was respected and had the confidence of his parishioners and was a devoted and able preacher.

The Barbour Index for Stonington lists his death as "Avery, Nathan, Elder, d. Sept. 7, 1780. Vol 4 Page 15"

Rev. Nathan Avery and his wife Hannah had eight children: Isaac, Nathan, Hannah, Mary, Luther, Stephen, Phebe and Wealthy.

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