Friday, February 01, 2008

Victor Cleansing Co.

Victor Cleansing Co.
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An amazing thing has happened!

Jim Ricci emailed me about our grandfathers (and his grandfather's brother) who worked together at Victor Cleansing Co. which was located at 42 Cyr St. at the corner of Montgomery Ave. on the Cranston-Providence, Rhode Island Line.

He had this amazing photo taken about 1917 on the lawn plus two others. He scanned then and sent them to me and I converted them to black and white and adjusted the exposure for better Web viewing.

I've been helping him with his Simpson family genealogy. We are hoping to identify more of these people in this photo and in the two others he has shared.

One man is my uncle, John (Jack) Crompton. I have never seen him as a young man. I will post a blog entry about that at a later time.

If you click on the photo in this blog entry, then it will bring to the the photo hosting site Flickr where I store my photos. There are "notes" on the picture with the names of people on them. If you can identify anyone, please email me.

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