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Capt. John STANTON and his son Joseph STANTON

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What do you do when you see neatly placed brownstone gravestones that are in this badly decomposed state and are clearly unreadable?

Well, in this case, a whole section of graves from one line of STANTON family was moved to Elm Grove from the earlier Denison Burying Ground a short distance away. Clearly, research is need to figure out who these gravestone belong to.

Here the term, "Location, Location, Location" is in order.

The grave that you can't see in this shot is another brownstone but it has been carved with a woman's name and the term "wife of ". So, my cousin Fred Burdick identified the grave on the left in this photo as the husband of that woman. The grave here on the right is the father of the man on the left.

Identified by my cousin Fred Burdick, Town Historian of Stonington:

Left grave is Joseph Stanton, husband of Margaret Chesebro The Hale Collection (page 246 from the year 1933) says, Joseph Stanton died Aug. 1749 age 84 Years.

Right grave is Cap't John Stanton, son of Thomas Stanton and Anna Lord The Hale Collection (page 246 from the year 1933) says, Capt. John Stanton died 1711, Age 72 Years.

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