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Thankful DENISON Clift: Female Entrepreneur

Thankful DENISON Clift
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Portrait of Thankful DENISON, wife of Capt. Amos CLIFT taken in the Denison Homestead [2 Aug 2008 by Midge Frazel]

Thankful DENISON, daughter of Isaac DENISON, Sr. and his wife Eunice WILLIAMS was born in 1780 married Capt. Amos CLIFT (1769-1818] as his second wife.

I have taken a photo of her gravestone but until I watched the DVD Mystic An American Journey, I didn't know that when her husband died SHE took over his business.

Capt. CLIFT laid out the streets on the west side of the Mystic River and created the house lots. His gravestone (not posted yet) clearly reads Capt. so he may have been a sea captain or a military man and his gravestone also bears a Masonic symbol.

Pretty impressive for a woman of this era. Doesn't she look determined?

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