Sunday, September 28, 2008

Midge the French Maid

Midge the French Maid
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Today I am participating in a Facebook group event called Scan-fest. I have created a physical file folder to hold items to be scanned and then archived and a folder on my hard drive with today's date. I dusted (get it?) my scanner and cleaned the glass and let it dry completely before scanning this funny photo of myself. (My cousin Thomas and Facebook buddy put me up to this and you don't want to know why!)

I don't remember the ancient family photos on the wall behind me. I am shocked at noticing them as I am a teenager in this photo and should remember these portraits!

They are not in my family collection. I THINK they must be Isaac Denison, Jr. and his wife Levina Fish. I am going to a party at a friends house as it is Halloween, 1961.

Notice the transistor radio I am dusting. If you don't know what that is, you'd better do a Google search. No, I am not linking to it for you.


Sheri said...

You Hussy! You know Midge I was thinking of submitting my motorcycle photo to use in the promo "It's Not Your Mother's DAR" I think you should send this one of you.
Sheri Fenley

Randy Seaver said...

I had such high hopes for a little show and tell here...there is precious little on genealogy blogs, you know.

Nice picture. Do you still have the outfit?

Cheers -- Randy