Thursday, October 09, 2008

Working with Print Genealogies

I have begun an in-depth look at my Williams ancestors and am trying to organize the notebook that my Williams surname information shares with my Wheeler surname. Many of my ancestors have their own notebooks and even sometimes two!

I have found that there are at least three Williams genealogies which is a bit unusual for my lines and they are all at By the way, Ancestry offers these types of genealogies as part of your subscription so if you don't know they are there you should investigate them.

Written in 1934:
Williams, Harrison,. The life, ancestors and descendants of Robert Williams of Roxbury in His Majesty's province of Massachusetts Bay in New England, 1607-1693 : with biographical sketches of the Rev. John Williams, of the Deerfield Massacre, the Rev. Col. Elisha Williams, rector Yale College, 1726-1739, Col. Ephraim Williams, founder of Williams College, Col. William Williams, signer of the Declaration, the Hon. Thomas Scott Williams, chief justice of Connecticut, the Rt. Rev. John Williams, D.D., bishop of Connecticut, and of many other descendants : together with a description and history of the coat-of-arms of the family. Washington, D.C.: W.F. Roberts Co., 1934

Written in 1847: [This is the oldest genealogy written by Stephen Williams, MD]
Williams, Stephen W.. The genealogy and history of the family of Williams in America : more particularly of the descendants of Robert Williams, of Roxbury. Greenfield: Printed by Merriam & Mirick, 1847.

Written in 1891 (and listed as imperfect with loss of text with only four generations) :
Williams, Edward Higginson,. Robert Williams of Roxbury, Mass., and his descendants : four generations. Newport, R.I.: Reprinted from the Magazine of New England history, 1891.

I am going to see how these compare and if any are available at Google Books!

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