Friday, October 10, 2008

Williams Books in Print

In my continuing adventure with the descendants of Robert Williams, I find that Google Books does have the oldest Williams genealogy (written by Stephen Williams, MD) available for download in "full" view but not the other two which are more recent, so I am glad that I have to work with. I did locate another genealogy that combines two of my families Williams and Gallup and that is available in "full view" at Google Books.

Williams, Charles Fish. Genealogical Notes of the Williams and Gallup Families, especially relating to the children of Caleb M. and Sabra Gallup Williams, descendants of Robert Williams of Roxbury and Capt. John Gollop, Sr. of Boston, MA. Thomaston, CT: Press of the Case, Lockwood and Brainard Co. 1897

I am going to download the two that I can and burn them to CD for offline viewing. This is a lot more material than I expected to find and it is getting hard to keep organized!

I am turning back to Richard A. Wheeler's History of Stonington (CT) to make sure that I have the right people in the right generation before I go any further.

My 2nd great grandparents, Eliza Fish Denison and her 4th cousin and husband, Dudley Wheeler Stewart are at the base of this tree. After looking at Wheeler's History, I find that one son of Robert Williams of Roxbury, MA descends to Eliza and another son descends to Dudley! I wonder if they knew this?

As this blog is about gravestones, I will also look to see if there are inscriptions for gravestones that no longer exist and for vital records at NEGHS for the people who died in Roxbury.

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