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Rev. Daniel BURROWS

Rev. Daniel BURROWS
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In/ Memory of / Rev./ Daniel Burrows/ who died/ Jan. 23, 1858/ Aged 91 years.

Many gravestones of members of the clergy are ornate and inscribed with information about their service to God and the church but it is not so with this plain gravestone of Daniel Burrows.

Rev. Daniel6 (Rev. Silas5, Amos4, John3, John2, Robert1)

Daniel was born 28 October 1766 in Fort Hill, Groton, New London, CT the son of Rev. Silas Burrows and his wife Mary Smith. He married 16 Dec 1787, Mary Avery who is buried by his side in the Elm Grove Cemetery. He died at the advanced age of 91 on 23 Jan 1858 at Mystic River, New London, CT.

In his early life, Daniel was a Baptist as his father (and brother) were Baptist ministers. He was a "prominent citizen of his day" and was a merchant and manufacturer before he was licensed as a preacher and ordained by the Methodist Bishop Asbury. He lived at Hebron , CT. He was elected several times to the legislature of the state of Connecticut.

He and Mary had nine or ten children.

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