Friday, August 28, 2009

Couch Potato Family History

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Last night, using my 2G iPod Touch and the Kindle app for it, I downloaded (wirelessly) the first book in Dan Waddell's book series aptly titled, The Blood Detective.

This is the tweet that I sent to Dan and his reply. Isn't it great that from my couch, I can work on my genealogy social networking (with TweetDeck and the new app for Facebook) and then relax with a good book.

What a great time to be alive (and be a genealogist!)

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Ginger Smith said...

Wow Midge, you really are on the frontier of technology! Thanks so much for sharing. It helps me to "visualize" how to do stuff and make it work together :)

Family Curator said...

Quite impressive Midge! I'm off to download it to my Kindle. Can I be in your Couch Potato Club?