Monday, August 31, 2009

Twittering Genealogy

As I am now the official President of the Couch Potato Genealogists, I've been thinking about how I am using Twitter to learn more about genealogy and gain new ideas and friends, all while relaxing on my couch. I do this with the miracle of a Twitter app like TweetDeck on my iPod touch.

This morning, for example, I read an article from The Examiner about the cemeteries in Fort Worth in this interesting article, titled, Cemetery Visits Reveal More than Dates in Genealogy Research.

I emailed the Tweet to myself so that I would remember to read it (on not so teensy a screen) to see if it was appropriate reading for my blog. As you can see it was and I hope you enjoyed it.

Of course, having a wireless network in my home makes it possible for me to read my Tweets in my bathrobe (and no, you don't get to see a photo of that!). I have enjoyed reading tweets from the various conferences that are covered in tweets from dedicated genea-tweepeople. I'll probably never go to some of those conferences so it is great to read about them in real time!

Today, Drew Smith's blog, asks if Twitter-ing about Genealogy in just a fad and therefore has any hope of lasting. I noticed that he didn't cover this in his book on Social Networking, but then, the book was written and published before any of us couch-potato genealogists got on board.

I admit, I thought there was little value in using Twitter until I began to enjoy the tweets by my fellow geneabloggers, just as I enjoy reading blog posts and watching and listening to Lisa Louise Cooke's Genealogy Gems podcasts. Reading genealogical mystery fiction in ebook format is great too, espcially when you can exchange tweets with the author.

Aren't we supposed to enjoy each other's company and spend time on our own professional development? Long ago, I remember researching my family history in isolation and I can tell you now that I'm not going back.


CMPointer said...

Thank you! I agree with you on all counts. [...and not just because I'm a fellow tweeter.] An isolated person cannot possibly learn as much as a person who is in a group. Plus, humans were meant to be with other fellow humans [i.e., Tom Hanks and Wilson the volleyball in 'Cast Away'~ need I say more?]. Twitter offers an efficient way for quick communication of, well, everything ~ be it genealogy-related, personal-related, or anything else-related.

Great Post!
Caroline Pointer
Family Stories

Family Curator said...

It is astounding how "connected" we can be via today's portable devices. I use my netbook for reading most blogs and save the iPod Touch for audio... except when I am traveling. The Touch is a great stand-in for full-computer access.

Don't you think "couch" includes all horizontal resting places -- ahhhh, reading in bed.